About Us

This Is Our Story 

Joe and Jessica Boesl, owners of Boesl Portrait Design. This energetic young couple met in college and started their business 10 years ago. Jess attended photography school in Missoula, Montana. Joe moved there with Jess and learned right along side her in their daily outings. They’ve been challenging each other with the camera ever since! They have been married for 14 years. You rarely see them without a camera and their 2 children, Jillian 6 and Joseph 2 can attest to this. In fact, the kids have now been seen at events with their own cameras!

They enjoy working together and make a great team as Jess is more serious and Joe is known as the funny guy. They especially enjoy photographing weddings together as they treat their wedding clients like family getting right into the celebration! They photograph sports photos at several local schools and have gotten to know many of the kids and their families, and as a result, end up photographing a lot of their senior photos.

They have a beautiful 2000 square foot studio located in a wooded area with plenty of beautiful photography locations. They hold holiday events at their studio including Easter sessions with live babies animals, Fall sessions, and Christmas and Santa sessions in December. Jess runs the studio throughout the week photographing seniors, babies, families and events.